Thursday, August 20, 2015

So it begins... YouTube travel channel launched.

Hello Internet:

This is my blog to keep track of my journey into the world of creating YouTube videos.

My background:

I'm from San Antonio, TX.  I attended Texas State University to study communications.  Shooting photos and videos have always been something I wanted to do.  So I decided to acquire some gear and see what I can accomplish.

It will be a slow start for sure as I try to figure out how to fully utilize the power of YouTube and social media.  The end goal is to grow my audience by creating consistent quality content that hopefully leads to a job shooting video and/or traveling.

I've created a few channels that are related to things I would like to create.  Narrowing down the focus is the hardest thing for me to do, but does seem absolutely necessary.

It comes down to the following subjects:


Because of a recent trip to Indonesia and Singapore, I decided to start with a travel channel.  Say hello to, Finding Away.  My aim with this channel is obviously to create quality travel-related content.  I give you my first video:

This video is a part of a larger project of my trip around Indonesia and Singapore.  Nothing was produced or set up.  It's simply me walking around shooting what I could at any location.

I shot this segment with a Panasonic AG-AC160A.  It is a true video camera and the reason why I was shut down at a bunch of locations during my trip.  I could've used a DSLR, which I did at other locations.  I honestly prefer the Panasonic over a DSLR for situations where I need to get a variety of shots as quickly as possible, which means there's no time to switch lenses.  The Panasonic is perfect for this.

Please feel free to comment.  Feedback is welcome.  More information on other channels and videos coming soon...

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