Monday, October 26, 2015

"You won't make it through customs."

From Atlanta to Madrid was an eight-hour flight. Who were we not to hit up the duty-free shop on the way to our gate? After purchasing a couple of bottles of booze, we were en route to Spain. 

Being who I am, and knowing all-too-well the people traveling with me, sneaking some drinks in while on the flight was a given. Unfortunately, we got busted by a flight attendant and she confiscated an almost full bottle of Johnny Walker Black.  Fortunately, this happened after we killed off an entire bottle of Kettle One. 

The flight attendant said, "If you guys don't behave yourselves you won't make it through customs." 

Great. Not even in Spain yet, flying somewhere over the middle of the Atlantic, and we were almost denied entry.

Nevertheless, we are now in Madrid and the journey has just begun.

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